Thursday, December 4, 2014

Raymond King

This poem was written for our dear neighbor Ray. I grew up across the street from this awesome couple. I've always loved them but it wasn't until my husband, kids and I moved into my childhood home that I really got to know them and love them even more. My husband fell in love with Ray and they became very close. Sadly, Ray's time here with us was cut short. He will forever be in our hearts. The memories make us smile. Rest in peace dear man. We love you and miss you so.

My heart was broken when I got the call. 
The tears they well and then they fall.

Your will was strong but your body was weak.
The words kept coming, though you could barely speak.

You kept your humor until the very end.
And it's just the thing to help our hearts mend.

You were such a happy and spirited soul. 
Without you here we will never feel whole.

We know you are watching over us from above.
And we hope you knew that we showered you with love.

You will never be forgotten, I can certainly say.
And every time I see a lighthouse, I will surely think of Ray.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Don't You Tell Me You Love Me?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
Don't you feel the same as I do?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
Don't you have that feeling, too?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
Or do you just despise me so?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
Is there something I should know?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
I've been waiting forever, don't you see?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
Or don't you feel the same as me?

Why don't you tell me you love me?
I am waiting patiently for you to.

Why don't you tell me you love me?
My heart is wide open for you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

His Path Home

On Sunday April 5th, I wrote this poem in memory of our nephew Markie.
We had went to the hospital and stayed with him for a while then said our goodbyes.
It was a long sad day and after we finally got home i found myself unable to sleep.
Maybe it was all the coffee I drank throughout the day.
Maybe it was all the stress of the day.
Maybe it was both.
I felt like writing, so I grabbed a pen and paper and flowed with it.

This is what I wrote:

He crept away in the morning light.
No one knew as he slept nice and tight.
The day passed by as in slumber he stayed.
Until night, when checked on, his breathing was swayed.
They took him away that night for his life to saved.
But we didn't know his path had already been paved.
He wanted his pain to end - The Lord heard his cry.
He was to take him home with Him and we had to say goodbye.
Such a young life, to have to leave this earth.
But God had other plans for him to go do His work.
No day will go by when we will not think of him.
All good times and the bad, with a sad face or a grin.
He is finally at peace where he always wanted to be.
We should think of him not sadly, but with happiness and glee.
Dear Markie we will always love you with all of our hearts.
Counting the days until we'll be with you - when from this earth we will part.
Rest In Peace Sweet Prince
9/5/87 - 4/5/09
*****We miss you and love you very much!!!*****

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Wings

Some days I don't know
where I find the strength
to rise from bed.

So many things weigh
down my mind, like
hopelessness and dread.

I know the Lord is
with me, helping me
to do good things.

He's my strength and my
courage. He's my rock,
he gives me wings.

I don't know how I
get through some of
these long, hard rough days.

He guides me through
it all. Shows me his love
in oh so many ways.

I just wish that I
could get over this
great big brick wall.

Or find a way around it
so I don't stumble
or even fall.

Still I know HE
is with me on this
journey that is my life.

HE'll be with me through
more hard times too,
and help me through with strife.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm an unhappy soul,
though I put on a good face.

I feel like I don't belong,
always struggling to find a place.

In this thing I call my life,
something isn't just quite right.

Sometimes I feel the need to leave
to spread my wings & just take flight.

Yet something always keeps me
here in this lonely place.

Most times I feel smothered
by many things, I need space.

I hope I find my way.
I hope it comes real soon.

I'm tired of this feeling,
out of whack, out of tune.

I pray the Lord will spare me.
Bring me light, show me the way.

I put my faith upon him...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Gem

This poem was written exactly 12 years ago today in honor of my niece Krystal's 1/23 birth!
So, in honor of her 12th birthday, I'd thought I'd post it:

She was born early on a
mild January eve.
This newborn life is my new niece.
This I cannot conceive.
Her father my brother,
and I find it hard to believe,
that my younger sibling is now a dad.
I am trying hard to perceive.
Remembering us as children,
telling jokes and playing games.
Now he is a full grown man
and nothing is the same.
A new daughter he now has.
A new bride he will have, too.
This precious baby is a gift from God;
she is loved by more than a few.
Her name is Krystal Lynn you see,
as fragile and beautiful as
a fine gem can be.
M. Kelley

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Cried The Other Day

I cried the other day
for a little girl lost.
She was batted around
and then out she was tossed.
They found her remains
out by the roadside.
Her mother in jail
behind her lies she can't hide.
This poor little soul
so precious, meek and mild.
How could someone do this
to a poor innocent child?

I cried the other day
for a boy with eyes of blue.
His parents' loss rips
at my heart through and through.
His death, from an illness
that he has had for years.
His parents, I bet,
still see his face through their tears.
Their hearts, they must ache
with the loss of their son.
How could they have known
that this day was his last one?

I cried the other day
for all the children gone.
Their lives are a legacy,
their memory lives on.